Welcome to the Savvy Staging AZ Blog! 

Welcome to Savvy Staging AZ’s newest adventure- our very own blog!  We will be sharing tips, trends and tales with you. We hope to create an amazing relationship that will connect us and raise the bar of our personal and professional lives.

Founder & CEO

Let me introduce myself, I am Debbie Bolley and I started Savvy over 10  years ago, just me and a little help from my 3 kids! Back then I was the  marketer, mover and stager…once I almost got run over by my sofa on  a dolly on a moving ramp!!! I often get asked, how did you get into the  business of staging? Before I started the company, I had previously sold  9 of my personal homes with little to no days on the market. Realtors  were amazed at how my homes looked, inside and out. 10 years ago  staging was not a big thing, but I knew the potential of staging was a  huge thing and that I could help anyone position themselves to sell  their homes faster and for more money. So, the Savvy journey began,  and to this day that is what we do! We have gone from working out of  my garage, storing a little furniture and accessories, to an 8,000 sq. ft.  warehouse with an amazing team! We want to help everyone realize  the value in staging their home before putting it on the market.

Meet My Amazing Team

Savvy has the most amazing team! Each team member cares for the  company as if it were their own. Each department gives their all for  the sake of the customer, resulting in faster sales and more money.  Kelly M is our Director of Operations and Design. She is the person who will walk you through our easy process, guiding you through  exactly what services you need to stage in your home. Her first  position with Savvy was Lead Stager, but now you will find her in the  office helping our clients, as well as staging in the field when we are  slammed. April is our Director of Business Development and she is working  relentlessly with our brand awareness and our clients to help their  listings stand above the competition!  Joel, Brandon and Triston (who is our newest), all come from the  moving industry and take the greatest care of our furniture as well as  the properties they move in and out of!  Karly is our Lead Stager and Director of Processes. She is certified in  Home Staging and has an eye for bringing every property into its best  selling position. She cares about each client and each property is  staged with potential homebuyers in mind! She is amazing at dialing in  and streamlining our processes throughout the company.  Nicole is our Director of Social Media. She is killing it to help Savvy  grow a larger online and Social Media presence. Instagram is her main  gig however, originally she was a Lead Stager and when needed she  jumps in to install when we are overwhelmed!

Learn more about our team here!  

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